I think that doesn't mean what you think it means

I had a total toothbrush epiphany this morning.  I have my first half marathon tomorrow and the thing that's been weighing on me more than anything is not the run, or my issues with leg pain, but my running playlist.  I'm fatigued by my 8 miler list and I have been spending all my free brain time for the last week trying to think of "those songs" the ones that have gotten me so excited over the last decade.  So, I've crafted a fairly stellar list with only about 5 or 6 songs to go and it hit me.....I don't love running.  I love listening to music.  Running is just an enjoyable way to make time in my mom/wife/career schedule to listen to freaking music.  As a teenager and then twenty something growing up in Kansas, my favorite thing to do was to make a completely stellar mix, throw it in my car, and DRIVE. I would drive to Abilene and back just to listen to a new mix. (I had a Geo Metro, I could afford this hobby) I loved losing myself in the music and imagination. Hell, if you take it even further; when I was a little girl my absolutely favorite activity was to bring my jambox (damn straight. Jam. Box.) out on the patio - drop in some True Blue, Duran Duran, or mebbe a little Purple Rain and daaaaance.  For like...hours.  Sometimes my little friends and I would dance partyin the front yard of my parent's apartment building.  (It's amazing they were able to keep renters)
Running is the best of both of these worlds.  I get to lose myself in the music, and if you get the right mile split/song, running is just dancing in forward motion.
 I'm a walking (running) cliche, I did start my half marathon mix with Blur's Song 2.

  I'm sorry, if sexy panted Damon Albarn yelling "whoo HOO' doesn't get you going - you aren't a girl.

 After that, admittedly the mix resembles the ipod of a teenage girl from 2000.  I can't help it, I'm a bitch for a hook and even more so when running.  I don't want to wax philosophic; I want to bubble and jump and move. I'll save the Whiskeytown for the drive from Salina to Manhattan. On the mean streets of Oro Valley tomorrow it's all JT and Jay Z.

Wish me luck!

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