I'm a terrible blogger

I have no excuse for not writing anything for a month.  Life was neither more or less exciting; my thoughts were certainly no less rampant - just didn't do it.

I'm home with a sick little doodle today so I thought that might be as good a time as any to post a few words.  I'm a tired girl, I checked, I'm officially 16 different kinds of tired.  I returned home late last night from a five day conference.  It was actually a really good conference; I learned a lot and had a little fun here and there.  When I got home last night Brian and I probably stayed up too late having a really nice chat (apparently he'd been to Nashville with his robotics team???? I told him that MIGHT be nerdier than a bunch of higher ed people) and riiiiight as we were falling asleep Dex started screaming.  Not just crying or whining, but screaming.  I ran into his room and right as I got to him the little guy vomited; I bundled him up in blankets to get him to the bathroom and he promptly unleashed.....all.....over.....me. Welcome home!  Without missing a beat I got him into the bathroom and over the toilet and started wiping him down with a cool cloth and taking his clothes off. I got him down to diaper and in a clean towel and finally made it into my bathroom to clean off.  Poor little guy was shaken up, so we got him into some jammies and I brought him into bed with me.  Needless to say, there was not a ton of sleeping; I'm counting the minutes to naptime...for both of us.

So, I run my first half marathon on Sunday and then another in two weeks in L.A.  I did a 5K at the convention and ran 6 miles the day after that, but beyond that I haven't done much since last week.  I'm thinking I might try to squeeze in a little 5 miler today and then be lazy tomorrow and Saturday.  I'm kind of jonesing for a nice long run and I plan to spend tomorrow night crafting the two hour run list of perfection.  I'm actually looking forward to Sunday, I don't think I'm going to move any mountains but I think I'll be alright.  I am resolutely going in with no expectations.

The only fun things to report on food are the uh-mazing meals I had at the conference.  I had my first pate on St. Patrick's Day in this Irish Pub in the hotel.  It was pretty good.  I don't think it's anything I could "gorge" myself on - it's pretty rich - but still I enjoyed it. In addition to ye olde chicken liver; we ordered a plate of pickled well...pickles, brined cherries, pickled haricot verts, and homemade crackers.  Insane.  I mean just SO good.  We finished the evening with fall apart corned beef and cabbage.  When the waitress asked how it was I said "I want to rub it all over my face" She said "I SAID THE SAME THING!  The cook thought I was weird"  We agreed he just hadn't tasted it yet.  Every meal at the hotel was absolutely top notch- I haven't really experienced that before.  Definitely an inspiring couple of days; I'm heading out to 17th street this weekend - I want to COOK.

Alright...five days of work to catch up on and a toddler to talk into a nap.

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